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Lyons Plains Historic District

LHD boundaries as described are approximate and subject to change. Consult the LHD Study Report on file with the relevant local district commission or municipal authority to verify district boundaries and whether a specific property, particularly one in proximity of a boundary line, is within the district. Also note that LHD boundaries may differ from those of State or National Register Districts.

Year of Establishment:
District Authority:
Historic District Commission
Link to Commission or Municipal Website:
District Character:
Rural neighborhood

Buildings, Open spaces

Architectural Style:

Greek Revival, Italianate

19th Century

This three-property district is located towards the east of Lyons Plain Road, in the Saugatuck River Valley in the Town of Weston. Bradley Tool Company local historic district is located towards further south. The district includes three properties- Curtis Wood House at 135, Samuel Lockwood House at 139 and Osborne House at 145. The Osborne House at the north end of the district may have originally been embellished in the Greek Revival style, but an earlier doorway surround was covered when the new Colonial Revival portico was added. It is pedimented with a coved ceiling and supported by slim double columns. During later remodeling, about 1950, additions were constructed on either side of the projecting portion of the facade; the one on the left is two stories in height and set flush with the original front of the house. Curtis Wood House towards the south, built about 1845, has a stylish Greek Revival portico. Here the attic windows are the narrower three-pane type that slide into framed openings in the walls. The third property, centered in the district, is the three-quarter house built by Samuel Lockwood. [Notes from NR]

Architecture, Social History:The historic district encompasses a significant representative residential community that developed in association with rural industry in Weston's Saugatuck River Valley. [NR]

[1] District information retrieved from the town website http://www.westonct.gov/.
[2] Assessors information and Parcel IDs retrieved from the website www.visionappraisal.com.
[NR] Cunningham Jan, Bradley Edge Tool Company Historic District, National Register Nomination Number- 95001347 NRIS, National Park Service, 1995 - http://pdfhost.focus.nps.gov/docs/NRHP/Text/95001347.pdf; http://pdfhost.focus.nps.gov/docs/NRHP/Photos/95001347.pdf.

The historic district ins included in a National Register Historic District. The Bradley Edge Tool Company National Register Historic District generally encompasses and expands upon two existing local historic districts established in 1980. Although most of the historic properties are components of the local Bradley Edge Tool District, three historic architecturally compatible properties at the north end that comprise the local Lyons Plain District are also included. [NR]

Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation