What's a Local Historic Property (LHP)?

Roger Sherman Town Hall, New Milford LHP (1875)
Roger Sherman Town Hall (1875), New Milford LHP
Orient Lodge, Stamford LHP (c.1904)
Orient Lodge (c.1904), Stamford LHP

Some communities have identified properties, buildings or structures of historic, cultural or architectural significance that are isolated or geographically separate from existing historic districts. Others have locally important historic buildings that simply don't naturally fall within any easily definable areas. For these communities, the Local Historic Property is a practical and effective alternative that offers the same protections as a Local Historic District. And like districts, proposed changes are reviewed for appropriateness by the local Historic District Commission or Local Historic Property Commission, the name often used by commissions in communities that have only LHPs.

Like Local Historic Districts, Local Historic Properties may also be individually listed on the State or National Register. Those designated prior to February 2019 are all listed on the State Register of Historic Places.

The process to establish a Local Historic Property is similar to that for a Local Historic District. The Certificate of Appropriateness review process for these properties is the same. Local Historic Properties have the same level of oversight and protection as Local Historic Districts. The enabling statute is the same as the one for districts, Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) §7-147 Part II, p-y.