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Lincoln Street - Riverside Avenue Historic District

LHD boundaries as described are approximate and subject to change. Consult the LHD Study Report on file with the relevant local district commission or municipal authority to verify district boundaries and whether a specific property, particularly one in proximity of a boundary line, is within the district. Also note that LHD boundaries may differ from those of State or National Register Districts.

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Several styles can be found in the district from mid-19th century Italianate and Folk Victorian to Stick Style, Queen Anne, Shingle and Colonial Revival. The earliest house in the district is the George Platt house, an Italianate at 68 Riverside Avenue. The earliest house on Lincoln Street is the Eralzamon Anderson Williams house, a c.1870 Queen Anne.

1851 to c.1923

The district encompasses approximately 5.11 acres along Lincoln Street and Riverside Avenue and 19 homes built between 1851 and c.1923.

Riverside Avenue was created to connect the center of Westport to the freight and passenger depot in Saugatuck, and in the 1860s was a fashionable address for well-known and prominent Westport families. Lincoln Avenue was created in the late 19th century and connected Riverside Avenue to the east with State Street to the west. Initially the property of local shoemaker Anderson Williams (1809-1890), it was more thoroughly developed by Edward Hawks Nash (1809-1900) who had eight rental houses built at the west end of the street to provide income for his children. The district retains a high degree of architectural integrity.

Study Report prepared June 2018 for Westport Local Historic Property Study Committee
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