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Chapman-Northrup House

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Two-story side gable Italianate house with two-story west wing and two 20th century additions at west elevation. The front façade has a small centered gable, overhanging eaves, a porch that wraps around the west elevation and pedimented architraves over front door and flanking windows.

Located on land that was part of the 1670-71 "Long Lotts" first settlement grant, the property was settled by members of the Chapman family. Captain Phineas Chapman (1716-1782) built the first house on the site c.1742. After it burned, his grandson, Charles Chapman (1814-1878) built the existing house in 1878. The family is well known locally for its participation in the creation of civic and church doctrine, participation in the French and Indian War, Revolution War and early development of Westport's farming industry.

The design of the house is a typical and popular centered gable form of the Italianate style, as seen in mid-19th century pattern books, including A. J. Downing's 1851 "The Architecture of Country Houses." The house retains the design, massing and most decorative elements from its construction.

Study Report prepared January 2019 for Westport Local Historic Property Study Committee
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