West Parish Meeting House Historic Property

Aerial view of the Green's Farms (West Parish) Colonial Church archaeological site; Source- Bing
Historic/Common Name:
Green's Farms (West Parish) Colonial Church Historic Property
_ Northeast corner of Greens Farms Road and Sherwood Island Connector.
Westport »
1738 - 20th Century
Historic Designation:
Property Authority:
Historic District Commission
Nature of Authority:
Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

This town-owned 5.9 acre property, located at the northeast corner of Green's Farms Road and the Sherwood Island Connector was the site of the c. 1738 West Parish meeting house and a related schoolhouse. The meeting house was burned in July of 1779 as part of General Tryon's infamous experiment with desolution warfare. In a 1986 archeological excavation at this site, the presence of both historic and Native American below ground cultural resources were documented. Adjacent to the site is a related burying ground. The 3.28 acre Lower Green's Farms Burying Ground was established in 1725 and is owned by the Green's Farms Congregational Church. [2]

Significance of the property:

The Greens Farms colonial church site contains potential evidence for land-use patterns associated with religious, educational and government activities, and architectural remains from the Colonial period. The site is also important for the presence of a prehistoric Indian site which could provide more information about the early Middle Woodland period in southwestern Connecticut. [2]

Relationship with the Surroundings:

The 5.9 acres plot is bounded on the south by Greens Farms Road; on the west by the Sherwood Island Connector; on the north by the State of CT and NOF land of W. Welles; on the east by land NOF of F.T Bedford; Record map #7152, Westport Town Clerk Office.

Archaeological site
Historic Use:
Meeting House Site, Farm
Present Use:
Open space
Architectural Style:
18th Century, 19th Century
Town of Westport

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Map of the historic property retrieved the online GIS map, accessed from the town website.

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Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation