Adams Academy

Aerial view of Adams Academy, sited at the intersection of Morningside Drive North and Church Street North; Source- Bing
Historic/Common Name:
Adams Academy
15 Morningside Drive North
Westport »
c. 1835
Historic Designation:
Property Authority:
Historic District Commission
Nature of Authority:
Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

The handsome, well-proportioned, Greek Revival structure is one of the most significant mid-19th century buildings in Westport. The Grecian style was immensely popular for public buildings in the mid-19th century because of its historic associations with the venerable origins of democracy, and Adams Academy is the only such local example. The tympanum of the square-columned portico is set with a distinctive carved lunette with winged Egyptian motifs flanking a semicircular window. The facade is flush sided, and the modern entrance door and transom are framed by a handsome Grecian surround with paneled corner blocks. Twelve-over-twelve windows are used on the side elevations and a modern gabled wing has been added to the rear. A cupola and brackets added in the 1880s have removed. The building was restored in 1961.

Significance of the property:

The small, Greek Revival school house that because known as Adams Academy, was built c.1835 on former Coley land by the Rev. Thomas F. Davies, minister of the Greens Farms Congregational Church. In 1837 Messrs. Burr, Coley and Davies sold the school to Ebenezer Banks Adams who operated it as a successful boys academy until 1867 when Adams who forced by poor health to retire. The highly respected boys academy, which served as the equivalent of high school, has 637 student during Adams ownership. Adams Academy is the oldest school building in Westport. [NR]

Relationship with the Surroundings:

The building is located in a residential area, a wooded lot just north of busy Post Road East.

Building, Open Space
Historic Use:
School House
Present Use:
Meeting/ Office Space
Architectural Style:
Greek Revival
19th Century
Town of Westport

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation