Improving the Administration of an Existing LHD or LHP

As communities evolve and new members are appointed to the HDC or the HPC, it is possible to lose sight of the original intent of an LHD or LHP designation.  To be effective the HDC or the HPC must understand the legal procedural basis for the district or property designation, as well as the reasons for its establishment, including:

What is the historical or architectural significance of this specific area or property? What specific sites, features, and attributes does the community value and wish to preserve? Are there any threats to the character of the property or area? How do current owners feel about the district or property designation?

Having a sense of the history of the LHD or LHP and how it has been administered by the HDC or HPC in the past may shed light on current issues and help to create a consistent and fair administrative process – one that respects the rights of the private property owner and promotes the general welfare of the community. 

The initial Study Committee Report for the LHD or LHP can provide useful guidance for local officials and property owners.  Copies of most Study Committee Reports are on file at the city or town hall and at CCT.