Designation Process

In Connecticut, the creation and administration of a Local Historic District (LHD) or Local Historic Property (LHP) is authorized by Connecticut General Statutes (CGS), Section 7-147a-k and Section 7-147p-y, as amended. In order to be valid, all LHD and LHP designations must comply with the enabling statute and the establishment procedures outlined therein.

The time schedules and other requirements set forth in CGS, Section 7-147a-m (forLHDs) and CGS, Section 7- 147p-y (for LHPs) must be followed exactly. A missed deadline or legal notice could open the Study Committee’s actions to legal challenge that might invalidate everything done thereafter, including establishment of the district or property itself.

The following summaries and guides to the process are in no way intended to substitute for the rules and procedures as designated in the statute.  Within the enabling statute, Section 7-147b (for LHDs) and section 7-147q (for LHPs) define the detailed designation process.