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LHD #3 & #5 Wilton Historical Society Complex

LHD boundaries as described are approximate and subject to change. Consult the LHD Study Report on file with the relevant local district commission or municipal authority to verify district boundaries and whether a specific property, particularly one in proximity of a boundary line, is within the district. Also note that LHD boundaries may differ from those of State or National Register Districts.

Year of Establishment:
Notes on Establishment:
The Historic District #5 established in 2005 includes the erstwhile Historic District #3, the Sloan-Raymond-Fitch House, which was moved to the present site at the Historical Society Heritage Museum Complex.
Overlapping Historic Designation(s):
Property Authority:
Wilton Historic District and Property Commission
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Property Character:
Single Property building complex


19th Century, 20th Century

The single property district sited at 224 Danbury Road includes the following buildings: Raymond-Fitch House with well-house, Burt Barn, Betts-Sturges-Blackmar House with Well-House, Abbott Barn and Abbot Blacksmith Shop. The Raymond-Fitch House on its original location was previously designated as Historic District No. 3. This district was later omitted with the building relocated in 2001 to its present site and incorporated into Historic District No. 5. [Ordinance]


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In 1961, the Connecticut State Legislature enabled local municipalities to establish historic districts, and, since October 1, 1984, historic properties by ordinance, and to establish commissions which review and approve or deny alterations, demolitions, or construction of buildings and other structures within their boundaries and are visible from a public street, way, or place.At a Wilton Town Meeting in 1963 an ordinance was adopted establishing Historic District #1. Since then additional buildings were moved to the site, referred to as Lambert Corners, and the Board of Selectmen updated the ordinance establishing HD #1 in June 2005.A Town Meeting in 1970 established Historic District #2: Wilton Congregational Church, Old Town Hall, and neighboring residences, #3: the Sloan-Raymond-Fitch House historic property, and #4: Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse historic property. At a Board of Selectmen meeting in June 2005, Historic District #5: the Wilton Historical Society Museum Complex was created. Former Historic District #3, the Sloan-Raymond-Fitch House, was moved to this site and is now included in this district; therefore, #3 was removed.

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation