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Victor Civkin Studio

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Property Authority:
Fairfield Historic District Commission
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Architectural Style:
20th Century

This split-level Modernist building is the home and studio of architect Victor Civkin, who was the pioneer of Modernism in Fairfield. Between the late 1930s and his death in 1968, Civkin designed hundreds of residences in the Modernist style, at least fifty of which still stand in Fairfield. Remarkable even among these unique house, most of which have retained their sleek shape and marvelous details, details the changing tastes of the intervening decades, is Civkin's own Home and Studio, built in 1940-41 at 12 Ermine Street in Fairfield.

The Civkin Home and Studio is a fine example of Modernist architecture, a practical brand of Modern design which has stood the test of time. Unique in its day, it remains so today, and is worthy of preservation. Victor Civkin's work is both bold and practical, which may explain its lasting appeal.

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation