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Vernon Center Kindergarten

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Year of Establishment:
Property Authority:
Vernon Historic Properties Commission
Link to Commission or Municipal Website:
Architectural Style:
Colonial Revival
20th Century

The County Home School, constructed in 1927, is a vernacular Colonial Revival school house, one-and-one-half stories tall with a small shed at the rear. The main entrance of the building faces Hartford Turnpike; its steep hip roof forms a pyramid with a short ridge parallel with the facade. The wood-framed structure rests on brick and concrete foundation. The floor plan of the building consists of a wide central corridor, flanked by the classrooms, with access to a secondary corridor serving the stairs at the rear. Office and toilet rooms serve the classroom on the northeast. The basement or the ground floor has a large assembly space as well as a boiler and storage rooms. The assembly space is divided by non-structural partition at its center, possibly a later addition. The attic story is open and unfinished. Many of the original interior features remain intact. Among these are original paneled doors, wainscot and chair rail, bulletin boards with original trim and picture moldings, chalk boards and trim, storage and coat closets, etc. In conclusion, the County Home School retains all of its original exterior features and much of its original interior trim making it a fine example of an early twentieth century school house. [2]

The County Home School is historically significant for the role it played in educational and social development in town and state in the first half of the twentieth century, a time when Vermont moved from a rural town with an industrial core in Rockville to a bedroom suburb in a larger metropolitan area. [2]

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Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation