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Valley Falls Farm

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Year of Establishment:
Notes on Establishment:
Approved by CCT on 12/6/2000, Established on 4/17/2001
Property Authority:
Vernon Historic Properties Commission
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Barn, Open land, Other landscape facilities (Park Pavilion, facilities)
Architectural Style:
Not applicable
20th century

The park consists of 193 acres of open space watered by Railroad Brook, a small stream which flows through the park, dropping from an elevation of 571 feet at Notch Pond in Bolton to an elevation of 343 feet at Valley Falls Pond. The brook is bordered by steep slopes on the west and rolling hills on the east. The pond is used by the town as a pubic swimming pool. Beach sand has been introduced on the north bank. The park is also used for hiking on marked trails. Natural vegetation and second-growth forest has been preserved. Valley Falls Barn features a rectangular plan and a wood-shingled gambrel roof with ventilating cupola at the mid-point of the ridge. It has over-hanging eaves and rakes, smooth vertical pine siding and a stone foundation. The post and beam frame appears to be recycled from an earlier structure. The plan is that of a traditional bank barn with access from the road to both levels with livestock housed on the lower level, and hay and feed on the upper level. It was built in 1911 on the site of an earlier barn. The barn is currently being restored by the Friends of Valley Falls as a nature center for Vernon school children.

Architecture, Agriculture

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Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation