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Samuel Ferris House

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Proposed 2023

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Colonial cape


The house was built about 1760 by Samuel Ferris soon after his marriage to Susannah Peck. He was the grandson of one of the original patentees of the Town of Greenwich and great grandson of Jeffrey Ferris. The house was occupied by a restaurant in the 1930s-40s. In 1947 the property was sold to the Town of Greenwich by Mabel Louise Olmstead, ending almost two centuries of ownership by the Ferris Family. It was at this time that the veterans’ housing was constructed on roughly about 30 acres of the site’s contiguous farmland, leaving the house untouched on its one-acre lot. In 1957, the Town sold it to private owners, and put up for sale again in 2022 when Historic Properties of Greenwich bought it to preserve it.

The c.1760 Samuel Ferris house is the oldest extant house in Riverside, on the west side of the Miamus River. The residence on a larger family farm run by the Ferris family into the early 1900s, it was apparently called "the plantation" when Samuel Ferris sold it to his son.