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Salisbury Center Historic District

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Year of Establishment:
Notes on Establishment:
The district originally established in 1969 (Historic District No. 1) was extended southwards in 1970, revised in 1971, to include more properties along Main Street (Historic District No. 3). It was further extended in 1984 to include four other properties towards further south.
District Authority:
Historic District Commission
Link to Commission or Municipal Website:
District Character:
Town Center

Buildings, Green, Cemetery, Meadows

Architectural Style:

Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Colonial Revival, Others

19th Century, 20th Century

Salisbury Center Historic District has been the institutional and commercial center of the town since it was founded, and continues actively in that role. Buildings in the institutional/commercial district, which is only two to three blocks long, are generally spaced close together in a dense town center setting. Many front entrances are at the sidewalk, with no set back. Nevertheless, the space seems open because of two factors: the street is wide and the buildings are low, generally two stories. The oldest resource in the Salisbury Center Historic District still in its original appearance is the cemetery, located on an upward slope behind the Town Hall. It was established in 1750, but most of the existing monuments are segmental marble stones dating from the early 19th century. The cemetery has an unusual bronze sculpture from 1874, an urn embellished at its neck and in the handles with busts of eight small children. It is signed "T.H. Bartlett Paris." The church is across Main Street from the Town Hall and across Library Street from the library. Together these three large institutional buildings anchor the south end of the district, providing a strong base from which the district progresses northward. [NR]

Architecture: The Salisbury Center Historic District comprises institutional and commercial buildings which are good examples of a variety of 19th-century architectural styles. In many cases domestic buildings now in commercial use have been altered to suit their strong mercantile function. The institutional buildings, many on their original sites, dominate the district visually as institutions have for two centuries. The architecture of the Salisbury Center Historic District creates a strong sense of a 19th-century town center, little changed in the 20th century. Architecture of the Salisbury Center Historic District is significant because as a totality it is a well-preserved group of 19th-century buildings which constitute the continuing institutional and commercial hub of the community. Buildings in the Salisbury Center Historic District are a mixture of styles and age, most dating from the 19th century, functioning together as the activity center and seat of government of the Town of Salisbury. [NR]

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The local historic district is not coterminous with the much larger Salisbury Center National Register Historic District.

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation