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Peters House

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Property Authority:
Historic Properties Commission
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Building, Open space, Water body
Architectural Style:
Blend of the traditional and high-style
Late 18th Century

The property is located at 150 East Street, a town-owned property generally referred to as 'The Peters House'. The residence sits at the entrance of what will soon be Hebron's largest municipal park facility. Elegant entrance pavillion with monumental Doric pilasters supporting a projecting triangular pediment; full half-circle glazed fan-light; A classically correct three-part Palladian Window; Dominant kitchen fireplace designed on the Rumford Principle.

Formal legal documents provide undisputed evidence regarding the significance of 150 East Street, the most likely site of the 1787 seizure of Reverend Samuel Peters' slaves, Cesar and Lowis and their eight children by southern slave traders. The slaves were quickly rescued by their white Hebron neighbors and were emancipated by the Connecticut General Assembly in January 1789. The house is virtually a textbook example of the skilfully blending of the traditional and the high-style by an imaginative and innovative house to create a facade elevation that is a Connecticut classic. [2]

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation