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Meeker Elmwood House

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Historic District Commission
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Buildings, Open spaces
Architectural Style:
Greek Revival
19th Century

The property consists of an irregular 1.7 acres site, whose southern boundary sits on Cross Highway. The main house and primary outbuildings are placed at the southeast portion of the property on the high ground. The property slopes gently to the south and the west from the main house, but more steeply at the north, beyond the garage buildings. The site contains nine buildings: The main house, the converted barn directly to the north, three frame garage buildings, two ancillary sheds, an outhouse and frame pavilion. A lawn area covers the southern portion of the property and to the east adjacent to the main house. A circular driveway leads behind the main house ad services the ancillary buildings. The northern portion of the site consists of a grassy area with wooded section at the far north end. [2]

In addition to the architectural significance of the nineteenth century farmhouse and the association with the Meeker family, the property is considered locally significant as the first automobile service station in Westport. The service buildings are all extant as well as the original barn which, while altered, retains the majority of its structural integrity. [2]

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation