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Lois Banister House

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Property Authority:
Historic Properties Commission
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Architectural Style:
Greek Revival/ Victorian
19th Century

The one-story, Cape Cod- form house sits on the north side of Center Road about ten yards back from the road. Extending to the east of the house are a series of connected out-buildings, including a former shop, a small, early 19th century barn and a late 19th/early 20th century. two-story barn/carriage house. The house is probably the second house on the property, as the existing cellar contains a foundation of a smaller, earlier house that was reused and enlarged for the present building. The house has undergone a number of alterations on both the exterior and the interior.

The house is a significant component of the community. It occupies the far northern limit of the village of West Woodstock, sitting just beyond and east of the intersection of Center Road and Bradford Corner Road. Erected c. 1803, it may have been the second house on the site, as the remains of an earlier, much smaller house can be found in the cellar, where one can see that the original foundation was adapted and enlarged to this house. In 1829 the property came into the possession of Justin Marcy, whose descendants occupied the property until 1902. The small family cemetery just to the east of the property is the Marcy Family Cemetery and the graves of several of the former residents of the property are located there. The small shop attached to the house is possibly the shoe shop of Rhodes W. Marcy, who along with his daughter Ellen are listed as shoemakers in the 1860 and 1870 U.S. Census. The expanded complex of connected house, shop, barn and carriage house are one of the few surviving examples in West Woodstock and Woodstock. Since the first house and outbuildings were built on the 2 acre parcel c. 1803, the property has retained its size and function as the home of village artisans. After 1850, Fidelia Marcy, widow of Gurdon Marcy occupied the property with her son, Rhodes W. and daughter Ellen. Fidelia left a $1000 trust fund for the maintenance of the adjacent Marcy Family Cemetery.

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