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Landowska Center

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Historic District Commission
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Buildings, Open space
Architectural Style:
Queen Anne
Early 20th Century

Oak Knoll' is a rectangular building 2 1/2- story high, with a hipped roof ornamented with three gable-roofed dormers on its east, west and south sides. The front dormer is flanked by two eyebrow windows. The eaves are wide and boxed and there is a central chimney in both the main block the rear wing. The main block is three bays wide with one-over-one double-hung sashes. The main entrance is covered by a shed-roofed porch supported by classical columns. The first floor, which is sheathed in clapboards, has three sided bay windows on the east and west facades. The second floor is sheathed in original cyprus shingles. [2]

Oak Knoll' was constructed in 1900 for Clara G. Miles of Bridgeport by Alexander Selkirk, an Albany architect. The house was built on the site and using some of the same foundation walls, of an earlier Miles house c. 1878 which burned in July 1898. Today it remains one of Lakeville's better documented late nineteenth century house: copies of the architect's specifications and early photographs exist. It is better known today as the Landowska Center, named for Wanda Landowska, noteworthy harpsichordist and pianist, who leased the property from 1947 to 1959. In 1971, Denise Restout, Landowska's former pupil and assistant, purchased the property, renaming it the 'Landowska Center'. Landowska's instruments as well as her library and personal papers are preserved here. [2]

[1] District information retrieved from the town website
[2] Landowska Center, Historic Resources Inventory, Burgess Lou V., Salisbury Historic District Commission, 1990, SHPO library, Hartford.

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation