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Jordan Park House

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Property Authority:
Historic Properties Commission
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Architectural Style:
Colonial Revival
20th Century

The building has twelve-over-twelve windows, an interior end chimney which services the large fireplace in the paneled reading room, and a deticulated cornice at the eaves of the slate-covered gable-roof. The entrance bay and vestibule are defined by a pedimented gable carried on square posts. A lunette window fills the west gable end. The building is a good example of the academic Colonial Revival style.

The handsome Colonial Revival building was originally constructed in 1928 to house the Waterford Public Library. Until 1961 it was located on Great Neck Road, but it had to be relocated to make way for the new railroad overpass and realignment of the road. The library facility was then temporarily relocated to the former post office building at 91 Rope Ferry Road until the present library building was completed in 1966. The original building was moved to town-owned property on Jordan Green in 1961, and it became the Jordan Park House, housing the offices of the Recreation and Parks Department until 1984 at which time it became the offices of the Waterford Historical Society. The Jordan Park property (3.8 acres) was a gift to the town in 1952 from Anna L. Nevins, and it was part of the Shaw-Perkins-Nevins farm.

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