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Howard W. Humphrey House

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Year of Establishment:
Property Authority:
Unionville Historic District and Properties Commission
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Architectural Style:
Queen Anne
19th Century

The Queen Anne style house at 60 Main Street is an excellent example of its type, featuring steep crossing gables and a square tower. Gable ends on the south, west and east exhibit cut-work designs in the gable peaks of the main block and front portico, and decorative bargeboards. The tower features fish-scale shingles, diagonal siding, and a dual-pitched pyramidal roof. The south elevation displays a one-story porch which shields the main entry and wide bay window. The porch features square posts, cut-work brackets, balustrade and a lattice base.

The Howard W. Humphrey House is historically significant through its association with four generations of the Humphrey family, connected with Unionville manufacturing. The family moved to the area in 1849 and Russell Humphrey began manufacturing spoons in Unionville. During the 1870's, Howard joined his father in the business and eventually succeeded him as owner and manager. By 1886, Howard had built a new shop for his firm, the H.W. Humphrey Company, known for quality washers. In 1887, he purchased the home lot from Frank A Tryon and by 1888 had constructed the present house on the site. The house remained in the Humphrey family until the late 1980's.

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