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Frank Sanford House

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Year of Establishment:
Property Authority:
Unionville Historic District and Properties Commission
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Architectural Style:
Stick Style
19th Century

This fine example of 19th Century Stick-style architecture features a cross plan with a raised brick foundation and cross-gabled roof with wide overhanging eaves. The gable ends feature cut-work bargeboards, decorative trusses with a triangular attic vent, and paired windows. Board-an-batten decorates part of the second story and becomes diagonally and vertically patterned in the gable peaks. Frank Sanford (1853-1923) built the house for his bride, Morion Hawley. His involvement with the lumber and construction industry enable him to build the house without taking out a mortgage. The house was sold out of the family in 1934.

The Frank Sanford House at 71 Lovely Street is architecturally significant as a fine example of Stick-style architecture. All of the decorative detailing is intact and the building is very well preserved. Also important is the house's association with Frank Sanford, a Unionville builder and owner of a lumber and construction business. His business, now named Sanford and Hawley, is the oldest continuously operating business in Unionville and is still in its original location at the corner of Farmington Avenue and West Avon Road.

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