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Elisha Seymour Jr. House

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West Hartford
Year of Establishment:
Property Authority:
West Hartford Historic District Commission
Link to Commission or Municipal Website:
Building with other landscape features (trees, lawn)
Architectural Style:
18th Century

The house is two-story three-bay gable-roof painted brick with the entrance at the center. The side gable ends have returning eaves with slight overhang. Paired large chimneys can be seen above the gable roof. The windows are six-over-one sash, louvered shutters with tops closing to roof overhang. The building has a one-story wing with four chamfered posts supporting the shed roof.

This house is significant because it is one of the few remaining brick houses of colonial vintage in the West Division. The house is associated with Elisha Seymour, Jr. who was a shoemaker. [2]

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation