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Edward Burr/Captain Thomas Nash House

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Historic District Commission
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18th Century

The building is a well-proportioned, 5-bay, central chimney Colonial house with twelve-over-twelve windows and a secondary entrance on the east elevation. Like so many other early homes in Westport, the house has historic alterations including the late-19th century roof with overhanging eaves and Colonial Revival 'improvements' added this century. The pilastered front piece with corner panels in the frieze and a narrow transom is revival as is the one-story wing on the rear of the house and the coupled windows in the gable ends. The interior is well preserved. It is interesting to note that the chimney is not exactly in the center of the house. [2]

J.E. Coley states that the house was built by Thomas Nash III (1743-1803), and it appears to date to c. 1770. After his death, the house was sold to Daniel Burr, and it is known locally as the 'Old Burr House'. Daniel's son Edward Burr inherited it in 1892, and in 1905, it was sold by his estate to Edward T. Bedford. Bedford maintained his stables and trotting track to the south at 48 West Parish Road. After Bedford's death, the house was sold to Caroline Kemp in 1938 and in 1948 it was purchased by Elizabeth Larkin. Elizabeth K and William B Rubidge are now the present owners of the house since 2001. The excellently preserved venerable old house contributes greatly to the historic and scenic quality of Center Street in Green Farms. [2]

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