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Easton Road Toll House

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Historic District Commission
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Architectural Style:
18th Century

The solid, 1 1/2 storey, three bay, central chimney, saltbox survived basically unaltered into the mid-1930s, but since then it has been extensively reworked in the Colonial Revival style. Bay windows replace the original/early six-over-six sash on the south facade (original front), and the rear slope of the roof has been raised to a full two stories. The east or street front remain unchanged, but a large ell has been added to the west elevation. The chimney stack was stone in 1935. [3]

The date of the house is based on a brick found in the chimney bearing the inscription '1760'. It was built by John Goodsell II (1730-79) and Lewis Goodsell, sons of the Rev. John Goodsell, first minister of the Greenfield Hill Church. He served from 1726-1763. The first Goodsell known to occupy the house was John III (1753-1814) who married Ann Smith. It remained in the Goodsell family for five generations. The house originally stood on Catamount Road located to the east of the house. It was the second road laid out across the long lots. In 1817 a private highway, the present Easton Road, was constructed to provide the Aspetuck valley and Greenfield Hill farmers with a route to the market port of Saugatuck. Although one of the few remaining saltboxes in Westport, according to George Jennings, after 1935 it has been extensively reworked in the Colonial Revival style by the addition of a large wing to the west and raising the roof, but the original shape is still discernable. [3]

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation