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Burrows Hill School

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Year of Establishment:
Notes on Establishment:
CCT approved in 1996
Property Authority:
Historic Properties Commission
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Building, Open Space
Architectural Style:
18th Century

The Burrows Hill Schoolhouse consists of one classroom with plastered walls and vaulted ceiling, and a vestibule of boardwall and matched board ceiling. Double corner posts indicate that the vestibule is an addition. Entry is gained through a plank door in the center of the north gable end, thence to the classroom through a door to the right facing the back gable. The classroom is lighted by six-over-eight reproduction windows, two on each of three exterior walls. Outside, whole-window plank blinds close to protect the glazed sashes. The classroom is wainscoted to the window sill level and plastered above. The barrel-vaulted or coved ceiling is also plastered. Over the years the Burrows Hill Schoolhouse has been modified to meet changing educational requirements and more current standards. Currently, this little schoolhouse provides an accurate picture of elementary education in Hebron circa 1830. [2]

The Burrows Hill Schoolhouse is a precious gem, being the oldest surviving one-room schoolhouse in Hebron.

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[2] Burrows Hill Schoolhouse, Report of Hebron Historic District and Properties Study Committee, 1973, SHPO library, Hartford.
Assessor and GIS information retrieved from the website

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation