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Allen House

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Historic District Commission
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Building, Pool and pond
Architectural Style:
20th Century

The Allen House is of native stone, redwood and glass with steel construction and stone foundation. The house is 'H' shaped with two 65-foot wings and with a flat roof, joined by a flagstone paved 25-foot entrance hall with a wall of floor to ceiling glass that looks out onto an atrium. The house is positioned for passive solar heat. The interior of the house comprises a southwest wing and an east wing connected by a flagstone gallery. The open plan within the west wing encompasses a music room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom and guest bathroom. The entire space opens onto a 65-foot wall of glass and a cantilevered deck that overhangs and overlooks the pond with its all season views including a natural cove. [2]

The historical and architectural importance of the seminal modern German Bauhaus School came to Westport through the architect of the house, Roy Binkley (AIA), an award winning Chicago architect/disciple of Mies van der Rohe. Roy Binkley brought this style architecture to Westport in 1957. Binkley travelled from Chicago and was so delighted with the natural beauty of the site that he accepted the commission to design a house that was representative of the Bauhaus School of Architecture. The house has had several famous luminaries in residence during the summers including Lee Strasberg, the world famous teacher of acting known for his 'Actor's Studio' students including Marilyn Monroe, Franchot Tone and other well known celebrities. [2]

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