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62 Sylvan Avenue

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View of the house at 62 Sylvan Avenue; Source- Google
Year of Establishment:
Property Authority:
Unionville Historic District and Properties Commission
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Architectural Style:
American Foursquare with Craftsman Details
20th Century

The two-story square building features the hallmarks of the Foursquare style: a low hipped roof with a deep overhang, a center dormer, and full-width porch. All windows are original, double hung with four vertical panes over one. A small gable-to-street, one-bay garage is in the rear of the lot. The house was one of the first constructed in the 'Lovely Heights' development, established in the early 1920's by Maurice Foley and Thomas J. Crockett, Jr., on land that was originally farmed by the Albert Hill family. The house lot is shown as Lot # 50 on a May 1923 map of the development, titled 'Lovely Heights, Property of Maurice H. Foley' and drawn by A.B. Alderman. The first owner was Patrick Ryan, when he died, the house was sold to Charles E. and Catherine G. Benton of East Hartford in 1951.

The house at 62 Sylvan Avenue is architecturally significant for its largely unaltered American Foursquare architecture and is historically important as an original house built as part of the 'Lovely Heights' development, established in the early 1920's.

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation