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Local Historic District or Local Historic Property Study Committee

Local Historic District or Local Historic Property Study Committee

The local legislative body, at the request of town residents, property owners, or an ad hoc committee, may directly appoint or authorize the chief elected official to appoint a Study Committee to consider potential LHD or LHP designations.

The Study Committee shall consist of five regular members and three alternates, all of whom must be electors of the municipality, none holding paid public office in the town. Often members of the Study Committee will have been part of the ad hoc committee which preceded it, and ideally they would represent a range of professional expertise in one or more of the following areas: architecture, architectural history, historic preservation, land use and real estate law, local history, real estate and development, planning and zoning, or other design-related professions. The Study Committee may seek additional outside expertise to assist in researching historical information, identifying architectural styles, and defining the nature and degree of significance for each property.

The primary responsibility of the Study Committee is to produce the report that recommends and justifies the creation of one or more LHD or LHP designations.  The Study Committee will also guide the report through the process of submission, revision, public hearing, and adoption.