Vernon Grange No. 52

Vernon Grange No.52, Northwest corner; Source: State Historic Resource Inventory.
Historic/Common Name:
Vernon Grange
734 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon »
Notes on Establishment:
Approved by CCT on 12/6/2000, Established on 4/17/2001
Historic Designation:
Property Authority:
Vernon Historic Properties Commission
Nature of Authority:
Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

This simple rectangular building features a hip roof with its ridge perpendicular to the street. It has a prominent entry porch with paired columns supporting a classical cornice and a vaulted ceiling. Its street facade and both side walls feature symmetrically-placed six-over-six or eight-over-eight windows at the upper level. Its windows at the lower level have vertically divided four light upper sash over a single light lower sash. The Grange Hall at the upper level retains its original entry foyer with prominent ticket window and cloak room. The hall itself features a proscenium stage flanked by twin ante rooms and retains its original unpainted woodwork with tongue-in-groove wainscoting. The lower level, used as a library and museum, by the Vernon Historical Society, retains its open floor plan. Its kitchen has been altered to provide storage for the Society's collections and the original toilet rooms have been equipped with new plumbing features. [SR]

Significance of the property:

The patrons of Husbandry is a fraternal organization. It is commonly called 'The Grange'. The grange is actually the home or the center of the organization, thus the hall where the members meet is called the Grange Hall and the members are often called Grangers. Vernon Grange No. 52 remains as an important example of Vernon's rural heritage and represents the standard plan for early twentieth-century grange halls. [SR]

Relationship with the Surroundings:

The building is located on state highway Hartford Turnpike with its ridge line perpendicular to the road. It is located in a residential neighborhood with several neighboring public buildings.

Historic Use:
Grange Hall
Present Use:
Museum/ Grange Hall
Architectural Style:
Colonial Revival
20th Century
Vernon Historical Society, Inc.

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Map of the local historic property retrieved from Vernon Historic Properties Study Committee Report, 2000, SHPO Library, Hartford.

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Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation