Old Long Ridge Village Historic District

View of Nathaniel White House at 462 Old Long Ridge Road, Southeast View; NRIS 86003653.
Historic/Common Name:
Old Long Ridge Historic District
Stamford »
Year of Establishment:
Historic Designation:
District Authority:
Old Long Ridge Historic District Commission
Nature of Authority:
District Character:
Residential neighborhood
Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

The Long Ridge Village Historic District is a rural residential settlement located at the northern boundary of Stamford, Connecticut, eight miles north of its central business district. Topographically, Long Ridge is a relatively level upland region trending to the north and south, and traversed from the northwest to the southeast by the tree-lined street formerly known in its entirety as Long Ridge Road. Except for the northernmost section, which continues to the New York State line, this street was bypassed by a new route to the west in the 1930s and re-named Old Long Ridge Road. [NR]

Significance of the district:

Architecture, Industry: Long Ridge Village is architecturally significant on a local level due to its concentration of very good examples of Colonial, Federal, and Greek Revival buildings, (criterion C). The variously styled dwellings stand as evidence of the 18th-century disbursed settlement' s transition from an agricultural community to a shoe manufacturing center in the early 19th century (criterion A). Several residents held important political positions in the town and the State General Assembly, and the village provided a residential haven for prominent medical and theatrical people during the 20th century. In sum, Old Long Ridge Village is historically significant as an example of the evolution of a disbursed settlement from 18th century agricultural community to 19th century manufacturing community to 20th century haven for the New York acting community. [NR]

District Boundary:

The district includes five contiguous properties towards the west of Old Long Ridge Road, as described in the district ordinance.





Architectural Style:

Early American, Vernacular Style, Italianate, Federal

19th Century, 20th Century

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The local historic district is contained within the much larger National Register Historic District which includes all of the properties on both sides of the street, giving the district an elongated shape, with an eastern extension consisting of several adjacent properties on the western end of Rock Rimmon Road.


Map of the local historic district in context with the National Register Historic District and the local historic property, Orient Lodge, retrieved from the study report.

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The street addresses of the designated properties have been retrieved from the Historic District Study Committee report, SHPO library, Hartford. For further information on the district, the user is urged to contact the respective Historic District Commission.

Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation