Morehouse Taylor House

Aerial view of Sherwood House; Source- Bing
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81 Clapboard Hill Road
Westport »
c. 1727
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Historic District Commission
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General description:

The early 18th century cape form Morehouse Taylor House is located at 81 Clapboard Hill Road, near its intersection with Maple Avenue South in the Green's Farms section of Westport, Connecticut. The modest farmhouse is situated in a residential neighborhood of period historic house with 20th and 21st century infill construction. Located in a typical New England wooded coastal plain, the area was once farmland, near Long Island Sound. Constructed c. 1727 in transitional style, the one and half story, one and a half room deep structure has two 20th century ells attached to the northern or rear elevation. The side gables, wood frame structure is sheathed in painted, face-nailed shingles. [2]

Significance of the property:

On March 3rd, 1727/28, Nathan Morehouse, son of Thomas Morehouse II, a member of Green's Farm Trainband, purchased a small parcel of land on Clapboard Hill Road. It is believed that he soon erected the dwelling house at 81 Clapboard Hill Road. The Morehouse Taylor House is a rare surviving example of early 18th century transitional architecture that retains much of its historic fabric, rests on its original foundation and has not been compromised by later additions. [2]

Relationship with the Surroundings:

The 2.18 acres site is close to the road, bounded by dry laid fieldstone walls. The entire southern lot line is adjacent to Clapboard Hill Road. The deep lot is mostly wooded with second growth trees and contains substantial wetlands. Its highest elevation may be found at the southern lot line and it is here that the residence and a smaller accessory outbuilding may be found. [2]

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Architectural Style:
18th Century
Charles and Judy Reid

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation