David Ogden House

View of David Ogden House, Facade and southside elevation looking northeast; Source- NRIS 79002651.
Historic/Common Name:
New House
1520 Bronson Road
Fairfield »
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Property Authority:
Fairfield Historic District Commission
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Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

The David Ogden House is a 2 1/2 - story integral saltbox dwelling with a central chimney. The Ogden House was extensively restored between 1931 and 1935. As it stands today, covered with unpainted oak shingles showing 12 inches to the weather, its appearance is strongly suggestive of its l8th-century origins. The front of the house is 3 bays wide. Its windows are comparatively large and contain fifteen-over-fifteen pane sash, installed in place of smaller Federal-period sash at the time of the restoration.Today the house is furnished with appropriate 18th century pieces and its interior woodwork painted what are reputed to be original colors. It is opened during the summer months as an interpretive museum by the Fairfield Historical Society. It was first opened to the public May 23, 1974. [NR]

Significance of the property:

Architecture, Preservation History: The David Ogden House is a typical example of Connecticut domestic architecture of the first half of the 18th century, restored to its supposed original appearance in the 1930s. It has long been recognized as one of Fairfield's outstanding examples of early building, an importance given added weight when it is considered that much of the pre-Revolutionary town was burned by the British in 1779. The building began as a farmhouse in a fertile agricultural area.The David Ogden House today embodies distinctive characteristics of two periods of American history the construction methods used in the first half of the 18th century and the restoration techniques employed by the early 20th century generation of preservationists. A substantial amount of original fabric has been maintained to convey a sense of the house's early origins, and the modifications of the present century have contributed to the overall development and significance of the structure. [NR]

Relationship with the Surroundings:

It is located in the town of Fairfield approximately midway between the village centers of Southport and Greenfield Hill. The surrounding neighborhood is suburban in character, consisting mostly ofsingle-family mid-20th-century houses on 1-acre plots. There are a few other early houses scattered throughout the general vicinity. The Ogden House faces west and is set back more than 100 feet from Bronson Road, a heavily-traveled thoroughfare. It is situated about one-tenth mile from the flood plain of the Mill River, and a stream known as Brown's Brook flows through the rear of the property. [NR]

Historic Use:
Present Use:
Architectural Style:
18th century, 20th Century
Fairfield Historical Society

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Map of the historic property retrieved from the study report, 1999, SHPO library, Hartford.

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Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation