Brotherton-Lewis House

Aerial view of Brotherton-Lewis House; Source- Bing
Historic/Common Name:
Batterson-Brotherton House
88 Roseville Road
Westport »
c. 1860
Historic Designation:
Property Authority:
Historic District Commission
Nature of Authority:
Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

The property known as 88 Roseville Road sits in a typical New England wooded coastal plain area, formerly farm land, which evolved through development in the 20th century. The few farmhouses that existed from the 19th century have mostly been demolished, particularly in the last few years. The Batterson-Brotherton House remains as one of the few remaining modest farmhouses in the immediate area. The property today consists of a mostly rectangular .58 acre site, whose southern boundary sits on Roseville Road between Rocky Acres Lane and Salem Road in Westport. The main house is placed at the southern portion of the property as the grade rises gently from the street. The remainder of the property is relatively flat with the exception of the northwest lawn area which rises slightly from the driveway.

Significance of the property:

The Batterson-Brotherton House remains as one of the last extant nineteenth century vernacular farmhouses in the area. Despite many changes to the building over time, the placement of the original house and its relationship to the street remains intact. The facade of the house, the intact original foundation and basement, structural elements and interior details reflect the agricultural period in American history when mass-produced elements became inexpensive and ubiquitous- elements that retain significant contemporary interpretive value. Because period images of the house remain, and changes are evident through investigatory work, it is also reasonable to make an argument for the evolution of the house and property over time as Westport evolved into a suburban community in the twentieth century.

Relationship with the Surroundings:

The farmhouse is a significant visual landmark in the Roseville Road area, contributing greatly to its character.

Historic Use:
Present Use:
Architectural Style:
19th Century
Spencer Marion M Trustee

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Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation