Boulevard-Raymond Road Historic District

Aerial view of the historic district; Source- Bing
Historic/Common Name:
West Hartford »
Year of Establishment:
Historic Designation:
District Authority:
Historic District Commission
Nature of Authority:
District Character:
Suburban Neighborhood
Eligible for Historic Home tax credits:
General description:

The Boulevard-Raymond Road Historic District area was once part of a large dairy farm owned by Henry A. King. In 1896, Frederick C. Rockwell, a young entrepreneur, bought the farm and began to carry out his ambitious plans for one of the first modern sub-divisions and real estate developments in town. Rockwell envisioned a grand boulevard from West Hartford into Hartford with a wide park-like median large enough for a trolley line bordered by trees. His plan was disrupted by the Hartford Street Railway which was already operating a trolley line from West Hartford Center to Hartford and made the connection with Unionville's line before Rockwell had the chance. The Boulevard median between South Main Street and Raymond Road was the only portion realized and today forms the centerpiece of the district. [4]

Significance of the district:

Architecture:The fifty-six homes in the district primarily reflect the Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Bungalow Styles. In some case these styles are mixed with other influences such a Dutch, Tudor and American Foursquare. Together these houses present a creative portrait of the early 20th century architectural landscape in West Hartford. [4]

District Boundary:

The T-shaped district includes properties on both sides of the Boulevard and Raymond Street as described in the ordinance.





Architectural Style:

Queen Anne, Bungalow, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, American Foursquare, Dutch Colonial Revival, Modern

19th Century, 20th Century

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Map of the historic district retrieved from the Study Committee Report, SHPO Library, Hartford.

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The street addresses of the designated properties have been retrieved from the Historic District Study Committee Report, 1985, SHPO Library, Hartford. For further information on the district, the user is urged to contact the respective Historic District Commission.

Date of Compilation:
Manjusha Patnaik, CT Trust for Historic Preservation